We are here to: Promote the breeding and development of the budgerigar in New Zealand. Protect the interests of budgerigar breeders and exhibitors. Assist the progress of scientific knowledge within the hobby by the accumulation of data and the encouragement of research. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of ideas by the publication of a regular newsletter to members. Support the exhibition of budgerigars by granting patronage to shows and assisting in such other ways as may from time to time be necessary. Establish and maintain for the guidance and assistance of members and show promoting clubs and societies, a panel of current Society members deemed capable of judging budgerigar sections at open shows.

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AGM Notes from 2016

The 2017 AGM is coming up and we thought you might be interested in the decisions and directions that came out of the 2016 AGM.  Opening the attached file will provide you with a run down of all you need to know ahead of the 2017 AGM. AGM 2016 Notes

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Colour Breeders Newsletter

Here’s something from other breeders out there. This is the latest newsletter from the Colour Breeders group.  It features articles and contacts about colour breeding as well as information about their next event. To read the newsletter, please click here: Colour Breeders Newsletter.

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Parasites of Budgerigars

Parasites of Budgerigars. Here is a practical guide discussing the types of parasites and treatments commonly found on budgies.  The article is written by Dr Hamish Baron BVSC (HONS), a senior Veterinarian at the University of Sydney Avian, Reptile and Exotics Hospital. Please click Budgerigar PARASITES to download. Thank you once again to Dr Hamish Baron […]

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