Dear Budgie Society Members,


There are two Remits up for discussion at the AGM coming up on May 15, 2016 at the Budgerigar Society Patronage Show in Gore. The Remits that have been submitted by members for the consideration of the whole membership are listed below:

+ Remit 1:  “That the Champion Any Age section now requires all entries to be Bred By Exhibitor.”

Reason: Due to an unforeseen anomaly that has now become evident, we need to align the Champion Any Age with the other three budgerigar sections ie. Novice Young Bird, Novice Any Age and Champion Young Bird which already require all entries to be Bred By Exhibitor.


Reason: At present Champion Exhibitors are able to show un-rung birds in the Champion Any Age, but Novice Exhibitors are unable to do the same in the Novice Any Age Classes. We need to align the Champion Any Age with the other three budgerigar sections that are already Bred By Exhibitor.

Moved:  Mike Hannan    Seconded:  David Ingoe



+  Remit 2: “That a new closed section, to be called the Beginners’ Class, be created that will allow new and novice members to exhibit purchased or un-rung birds.”

Proviso: These birds will not be eligible for any award outside this closed section. These birds cannot win any other Section, Open or Best of Awards. This section, if initiated will be allocated the class numbers made available by the redundant pairs and team classes.

Reason: This closed section would give new and inexperienced members the opportunity to learn the skills required for exhibiting birds within a more relaxed, less regulated environment.

Reason: This section would allow new, young or inexperienced Club members the opportunity to enter birds at their local shows.

Reason: It is hoped that this would encourage more Novices to become involved in the exhibition side of the hobby as they are nurtured through their Clubs and through the BSNZ to participate fully in the exhibition side of budgerigar breeding and exhibiting.

There will also be a discussion around the proposed drinker for Show cages as we look to find a replacement for the current ones. There is a place for your opinion on this to be recorded on the Proxy Voting form which is attached to the AGM material, above.

Sheryl Baron

Budgerigar Society of New Zealand